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cost = price - profit

Costs include:
Land: Finite resources must be owned For Product to avoid paying rent.
Capital: Tools are transformations of land that must be owned to avoid paying profit.
Work: Jobs are a problem to be reduced when property and promises are For Product.
Procurement: Initial purchase
Installation: tools, materials, labor
Access: External taxes or uncontrollable alien fees or rent.
Insurance: Same as Replacement cost?
Maintenance: tools, materials, labor
Replacement: Same as Procurement + Installation?
Pollution: noise, smell, poison
Risk: Any attempt at production may fail
Security: The need for locks, cameras, patrolling, etc. is inversely related to abundance of the product being protected.
Storage: Shelter, temperature, shade, ventilation, bedding
Exclusion: Space, time, mass and energy are exclusive.  You can plant a finite number of trees in a finite space.  A finite number of people can fit in a car.  etc.