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Basic Outcome is another approach to meeting the goals of a Basic Income.

It is suggested this system be implemented as an extension to a For Product city.

For the health and safety of everyone, "Bare Minimum" goods and services are available without charge.

Bare Minimum goods and services:
. Water and Sanitation: Toilets, solar-heated showers, soap
. Food: Nutrients required for sufficient health to avoid illness.
. Shelter: Could be a tent, hut, yurt, tiny house, studio apartment...

This is done through strict accounting on the 'producer' side, and little or no accounting on the 'consumer' side.

To join and remain in a group, a potential member must (besides meeting the arbitrary requirements of that group) complete their part of the work required to sustain the Basic Outcome package offered by that group.

So all the work required to provide minimum shelter, water/sanitation and food (as defined by that group) is divided 'equally' among all members of that group through a reverse-bid auction to balance the load among members by giving 'yucky' jobs more weight.


Ledgers record property and promises each group needs to produce and good or service they need.

Workers invest by committing to work in the future for others within that production arena.

Plants and animals are integrated into the living and working areas to provide the raw materials for food, fuel, cloth, soap, textiles, medicine etc.

By fully owning the land and tools without debt and by swapping commitments of future labor we create a grid of For Product cells.  This creates an imperfect assurance for each of those goods and services, increasing real social security.

Microfund 'bundles' make it easy to choose prepackaged "standard of living" levels based on the money and/or work you are willing to commit.