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BreadLandia is a game and an experiment in physical production using a Cells on a grid to represent Land and triangular half-tiles to represent Capital and Labor.

Each Cell in the game represents one square-foot of real Land 'unlocked' when real land for that map is finally purchased using the builtin micro-crowdfunding appearing an in-app purchase.

Capital half-tiles may represent plants, animals, tools, shelters, factories, roads, hospitals, etc.

Work  half-tiles represent the skills needed to operate and repair the Capital half-tiles.

The electronic version scours real-estate listings looking for available farmland.

Players attempt to unlock tiles by committing either money or promises of future work.

One acre has 43,560 sqare feet and farmland is around $4,000/acre now, so let's say $4,356/acre gives us about 10 Cells for $1, but other real costs such as water rights, fees, taxes, etc, might put us at 10 times that price, so let's say 99cents buys just 1 square foot.

Cells are locked until all Cells for that particular parcel are paid for and the real-estate purchase is complete.

It is not clear whether the property represented in that Deed of Ownership can or should subdivided to each individual.  This may be difficult or even illegal or impossible under some jurisdictions or building codes and zoning laws.

Cells are considered 'idle' until covered by both a Capital half-tile and Labor half-tile.

Cell Owners must continue to pay external taxes and fees and buy any required inputs that which cannot be produced onsite.